The National Police Association is dedicated to educating supporters of law enforcement in different ways they can do their part to help police departments accomplish their goals. As a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, the National Police Association relies on the generous support of like-minded individuals and organizations who want to do everything they can to help our heroes in uniform.

One of the main ways in which the association helps police offers is holding individuals who use their influence to push anti-police initiatives accountable. This can be done through in-depth investigations, clear communications and assertive legal findings.  On the flip side, the organization works to support political policies that boost the interest of police looking to better protect American communities.

The need for the National Police Association arose as it became more apparent as more and more powerful players in the political system were using their status to see the oversite of law enforcement as a way to advance their own interests as opposed to the interest of law enforcement. The National Police Organization is committed to providing local law enforcement legal backup, when necessary, and continually educating the public to help boost community support for law enforcement, which is essential when it comes to helping police do their jobs effectively. The organization updates their news and information regularly and thanks each and every one of their countless supporters.

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